Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Washer

Last night around 7:00, I got a call from Sears to confirm my address and to let them know that someone 18 or older would be here between 8:15 and 10:15 this morning to receive the new washing machine.

At 7:15 this morning, I got a call from the deliveryman who said that they would be at my home in 30-45 minutes. The washer arrived and was installed at 7:45.

Yeah Sears.com!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Move over shirtless Putin!


I'll see you, Putin and RAISE you one Obama!!!!

Merry Christmas to me!

As I have said in an earlier post, December is not my month.

Yesterday morning, I got up early to start washing bed linens and clothes for my much anticipated company from family on the 29th. Much to my dismay, my 13-month old washing machine refused to work.

Being one month out of the warranty, I had no other choice than to purchase a new machine via Sears.com.

Since I'm low on funds at this time, I went with the cheapest. This machine was not available 13 months ago, however. At that time, none of their cheaper machines were lighter on water usage nor energy efficient. This unit was also on sale, however, no expensive enough to forgo the $65 delivery charge. Oh well.. the $57 savings on this Kenmore 400 3.2 cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load Washer, almost covered the delivery. I will continue to dry the clothes on the line outside.

Their website has become more friendly than 13 months ago when I was last in the market for a washer. This is the fourth washing machine I've had in this house, and with my luck, it won't be the last. The new washing machine will be delivered Christmas Eve.

I truly believe that we need these appliances made with good old US-worker ethic of producing well-built, long lasting appliances. These foreign-made units just don't last. Of course, FPL's electricity surges don't help either.

A gift I didn't want to have to get!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Cam Installed

From now until the cam ends, the top of the blog features Santa Cam from Lapland Finland.

From Wikipedia:

Many people believe that Santa Claus (or joulupukki in Finnish) comes from Lapland. Santa Claus Village is built to be the home of Santa Claus. Santa Claus village is the most popular tourist destination in Finland with thousands of tourist visiting it every year.

The majority of tourists are coming from United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, China, Japan, India and other countries. In recent years there have been a significant increase in tourists from the Americas, though tourists from the United States are responsible for only 4.7% (2005) of total tourist visits.

In North American culture, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, though North Pole is in the middle of the Arctic Ocean and there is no land, although the ice is thick enough to walk on during the winter making it feasible for Santa to live there. This opinion is widespread in the world and reflected in many feature film and advertisements about Christmas. In majority of European cultures the exact location of Santa Claus residence is not specified. The Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle is the main world-wide recognized Santa Claus residence.

Santa Claus Village is located about 8 km northeast of Rovaniemi and about 2 km from Rovaniemi Airport. In the Christmas time the amount of daily flights triples. The majority of international tourist switch their plane in Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The timetable is set up in such a way that delay between the flights is no longer than 3 hours. Also in the Christmas time there are many charter flights from Sweden, UK and other countries that fly directly to Rovaniemi. Also there is [sic] Ryanair flights to Tampere which also has regular connection to Rovaniemi. There is also a regular bus and train connection with all major cities in Finland.

Rovaniemi city bus route 8 travels between Rovaniemi Railway Station and Santa Claus Village. The bus trip takes about 30 minutes.

More Information from Wikipedia

Blooms of Plunkett

Blooms of Plunkett
A Banana tree in the backyard in full bloom