Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two storms being watched

The National Hurricane Center in Miami continues to monitor two tropical waves in the Atlantic Ocean, though neither are expected to intensify over the next two days.

One area of disturbed weather, located about 200 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, is producing showers, storms and locally heavy rain, the Hurricane Center said in its 8 a.m. report.

The system is not expected to become better organized in the near future because of unfavorable upper-level winds.

The other tropical wave, located about 1,200 miles east of the Windward Islands, was producing disorganized showers. Development, if any, will be slow as the system moves west at 15 to 20 mph.

The Tallahassee Democrat

Friday, July 17, 2009

RIP, Walter Cronkite

NPR - Walter Cronkite, the CBS News anchor who famously became the most trusted man in America, died Friday at the age of 92.

For nearly two decades, tens of millions of Americans tuned in to Cronkite to learn "that's the way it is" every night during a rancorous age. Although Cronkite left the anchor's desk at CBS Evening News more than a generation ago, he was still known by many as "Uncle Walter" — the ultimate reliable source, the nation's narrator and the standard by which all other TV news anchors are judged.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

First Harvest: Avocados in my front yard

Today marks the beginning of the 2009 Avocado Harvest. As noted in a previous post, as of Mother's Day this year, the tree in my front yard was covered with avocados, however, a couple of storms later, I lost quite a few off the tree.

With that said, I do have quite a few nice, large avocados.

I also have two banana trees that will be ready for harvest in the next couple of weeks.

This week, with the help of a neighborhood boy, I plan to get my raised-bed garden ready for an August planting for my 2009-10 Winter Garden.

To see other pictures of the garden and other things going on, please go to my MobileMe Gallery (Click here) for all the updates. You can also see some harvest pictures from last Winter's garden. It was a success!

Blooms of Plunkett

Blooms of Plunkett
A Banana tree in the backyard in full bloom